Tea - Perky! (Ephedra, Hibiscus, Mint) 4 Tea Pot Sized

Tea - Perky! (Ephedra, Hibiscus, Mint) 4 Tea Pot Sized
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Four giant tea pot sized large tea bags. Each makes a 24 oz pot of full strength tea.

This tea came about because Mikey, like most geeks, loves natural stimulants and staying up late working in his electronics lab. Ephedra is a great stimulant but has not got much taste, mint and hibiscus make make the tea delicious while supporting the headache that often comes a lack of sleep (staying up late working) while the hibiscus is soothing and gives the immune system a boost of vitamin C. Thanks Mikey!

EPHEDRA (wild harvested) Native Americans have been using Ephedra for millennia. A bronchial dilator and decongestant. A genuine stimulant that can replace coffee or tea. The stimulating effect from ephedra is more mind alert than coffee. Very effective as an alkalizing tea.

PEPPERMINT (home grown): Wonderful relief for headache and indigestion, common symptoms to those who eat on the run, are generally dehydrated, and stressed by rushing about.

HIBISCUS (organic cert.): Naturally cools and soothes, provides lovely color and a hydrating taste. Helps lower blood pressure, a diuretic. Rich in vitamin C hibiscus strengthens the immune system for those who push themselves.

Promotes weight loss.