Guerrilla Gardening Seed Ball

Guerrilla Gardening Seed Ball
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Ever get the feeling that we're supposed to be having a lot more fun? Here is a wonderful mischief making gift for friends and family. A reusable natural fiber muslin cloth drawstring bag contains a wrapped mud ball loaded with flower seeds. Each mud ball contains a variety that promises to bring about a smile even from the most stubborn of folk: zinnia, cosmo, indian blanket, calendula, sun flower and globe amaranth.

Invite friends and family to play along with mother nature by doing a little guerrilla gardening. Just toss these seed saturated mud balls into a dingy parking lot, vacant lot, or any public spot that lacks the happiness that flowers bring.

Sweetly tied with blue hemp and wine rafia bow.

The Guerrilla Gardening Seed Ball is for mischief makers of all sizes.

Find a public spot that would be improved by flowers growing there
Toss mud ball
Come back and water or let mother nature do it
Enjoy flowers
Enjoy people enjoying flowers

A super great gift that is mother nature approved.