Assembled - Da Pimp - Battery Charger, Desulfator and Tester


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Da Pimp is a extremely portable battery tester / desulfator / charger.

It uses capacitors instead of a transformer creating a highly efficient conversion of AC to DC voltages. It is available fully assembled with all accessories or as a complete kit that requires soldering.



Da Pimp is ideal for the following:

  • rapid testing of batteries to determine how sulfated they are
  • recovering lead-acid car starting batteries
  • recovering marine boat batteries
  • recovering entire sets of lead-acid deep-cycle battery banks ( golf carts, forklifts, other electric vehicles and pv solar systems )
  • recovering power tool batteries (drills, weed wackers, saws)
  • recovering iRobot batteries (vacuum / mopper)

The design is completely open with source code, schematics, circuit layout and bill of materials all made available.

  • Model: 20120303

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