Smoking Blend Herbal 8oz (Tobacco Alternative)


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A Holy Scrap favorite, this satisfying aromatic alternative to tobacco is a recreational smoking mix blend that contains: mullein (wild harvested), and organic chamomile, hops (organic), mint, lobelia and marshmallow.

The mullein base aids in expectoration and can be used to free congestion in the lungs. This can be helpful to those weaning off of cigarettes. With chamomile in the mix there is a calming effect that smokers ridding themselves of nicotine addiction will appreciate. Mint and hops add depth to the smoke as does marshmallow. Lobelia is a plant that offers relief from nicotine withdrawals.

Comes in a nice reusable tin. Quantity makes at least 40 rolled cigarette style smokes.

If smoke begins to dry out put a carrot slice in tin.


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